About Once Upon A Land


"The combination of homeschooling and doing our own work is pretty much impossible"

This is what the founders of Orangevine kept hearing from their customers. And so, the two entrepreneurs came up with the idea of expanding their online video hosting platform with video conferencing functionalities.

Initially, the addition was purely for business use. But when the entrepreneurs discovered how difficult it was for parents to combine work and guide their children, they came up with a new idea. Use their platform to help children.

A win-win for many because the activities are run by students – a vulnerable target group that has been hard hit by the social distancing measures.

With Once Upon A Land, the Orangevine entrepreneurs aim to help parents, children and young people through the use of video conferencing.

The advantages:

Parents can register their children for the Once Upon a Land for a symbolic amount of just (€ 2.50). In this time children are put to work and able to take part in fun and educational activities. This in turn offers the parents peace and extra time to get started with their own work.

Children are engaged in various creative activities and whilsyt also having visual and social contact with other children.

Young people are paid and engaged in fun work but are also distracted from the current crisis of which they have no influence.

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Online veiligheid eerst!

Once Upon A Land activities take place via secure video conferencing software hosted on the Orangevine servers. Parents gain access after entering a PIN, which only they receive. Each PIN expires after use to prevent unwanted visitors. Each video conferencing session is completely secured and encryoted, ensuring privacy.